Sun, 03 Dec 2023

Millions of people use clips from popular movies and TV shows to express their feelings while messaging. KIKLIKO, a library of popular clips and video memes integrated into messengers and social networks, allows users to view, download, create and share short, engaging clips and memes. Founded by Georgian serial entrepreneur and Forbes 30 under 30 alumni, Givi Beridze, KIKLIKO offers its clients a new way to monetize messaging without compromising privacy or security.

With the rise of Instagram Reels and TikTok, memes and GIFs are being superseded by short video clips. Following the success of GIPHY, Tenor, and Gfycat, KIKLIKO capitalizes on the current shift by creating the first short clips or 'GIF with Sound' database and search engine.

"Expressing emotions is just better with sound," says Givi Beridze - KIKLIKO co-founder, serial entrepreneur, and Forbes 30 under 30 alumni - and adds: "Millions of people go out of their way to cut clips out of YouTube videos on their computer, just to send them to people they're chatting with. KIKLIKO makes it easy to use video clips in chat, and people are loving it."

The popularity of KIKLIKO is on the rise, and with a steady growth, in the Q1 of 2023 we will reach 5m daily active users. "We are proud that our growth has been organic and product-led so far," says Waska Chaduneli, KIKLIKO co-founder and CTO, and adds: "Now we are working with leading social networks and messengers to grow the number of our integrations, as well as develop new features. We have two really big integrations coming up, which will give us access to over 900 million users.'

KIKLIKO offers a free lifetime API for 'Clips for messaging and "Normal GIFs"' functionality for messengers, social networks, and apps to make them more entertaining for their users and therefore grow their engagement and overall usage. KIKLIKO is already integrated into the Telegram-based messaging app 'iMe Messenger' and they are in the process of integrating into multiple e-wallet providers to allow their users to attach funny clips to transactions.

Messengers are ecosystems of their own and their marketing potential is still largely untapped. At the same time, due to various privacy and data regulations, global companies are facing great challenges in reaching their potential customers. Being free for both users and communication platforms, KIKLIKO plans to monetize its platform by becoming an intent-based brand advertising tool.

"While messaging apps are used by billions of people every single day, there is no easy and direct way to monetize this mass of users. KIKLIKO caught our attention by employing new and unusual ways to monetize additional content without breaching privacy or security," explains Vojta Rocek, partner at Presto Ventures, the main reason why the fund decided to back Georgian entrepreneurs.

"While very few people search 'I am hungry' online, a lot of them do so when searching for their favorite meme to share while messaging. That's exactly when they might see a creative and funny clip, effectively an advertisement, of a food chain like McDonald's. Our goal is to bring global brands a way to monetize messaging without messing with user privacy," concludes Beridze.

All the content in KIKLIKO's video library is offered under DMCA policy, mostly filtered and curated moments from popular videos or movies. In the future, Beridze's team wants to partner up with copyright owner companies in order to have an additional revenue stream by branding their content and selling it through API.

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